*Disclaimer* The following text was written by a person who really thinks he is something *End of disclaimer*

Some of the french historians in the Annalist school used to think that things change either fast, medium-fast or slow depending on which of these three categories they can be fitted in:

-Long durée: Basic enviromental and material structures, mentalities
-Le moyen terme: Economic, social and ideological systems, as well as products and innovations
-Le court terme: Political events

Could this be applied to my life? The long term things would be where I come from, my background and how it has affected me and everything else that I would (but can't seem to be able to) change. My mentality, could it too be shoved into this category? Well, my set of genes could.

Well, then this is represented by: Vasa, Finland, middle class family and a decent set of genes (apart from the color blindness and weak eyesight in general and a physical appearance that would frighten nobody) A near perfect "long durée", I would say! Oh, I forgot about the part how it has affected me and the one about mentality, but it should be well covered in the songs, I think (again, I'm sorry for being this I don't know what to call it).

The medium term, well, I don't know. Maybe the medium term things would be my economic situation? No, that doesn't fit in here. My IDEOLOGY? Well, maybe.

My economic situation is stable, I'd like to say. I'm a not easily convertible socialist, too.

The short term must be represented by daily matters, such as decisions, the state of mind and everyting else that does come and go easily.

In my life, at this point of time, the short term is represented by this band, my friends, my feeble studies, my guitar, my iBook, the food in the refridgerator and so on.