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I wear a different kind of garment
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I wear a different kind of garment
100.000, 500.000 eller 15000.0...
  by joannon1988

I wear a different kind of garment
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26 Sep 05
Dod Bylan didn't sleep
I couldn't sleep, so I thought of my bed and tried to remember exactly why I got this one. And I have a good memory. The first month here in Åbo I lived in this shared apartment (I shared it with a boy named Nicolas and remember him SO well, but that's another story). There was furniture there already, so I didn't buy a bed of my own. The bed there was horribly by any standards, of course. Technically, it was just a board on legs and a foam matress. But I was in my ascetic phase back then, so I didn't mind. I seem to recall that I actually took some pride in sleeping in a bed like that.

And there's evidence to support that; when I moved to the student village, I bought a bed very similar to the one I left behind. It cost me nothing and I thought it looked rather nice. Again, it was that phase I was in. So, I started sleeping in that bed until one day when it suddenly struck me: why, oh why Mattias, do you sleep in this when you could improve the quality of your life by simply buying a decent bed?

It all seemed so clear. Why on earth should I suffer? I didn't have any financial problems. So it seems I finally came to my senses. Throw out the boarding school crap and off to buy a good old quality bed then, or?

Well, I asked Kenneth, who is know to be fiscally responsible. He had bought his bed from Jysk. When he said how much it costed him I thought “man, that's cheap as hell, I got to get one of these“ or something to that extent.

So I travelled by bus to this giant shopping area an found this store called Jysk. For your information, it's a place where they sell furniture sans any style whatsoever. And it's cheap. I chose the cheapest bed in their line-up (I must stress that I wasn't in any kind of financial trouble) and smiled, because I saw many nights of comfort and peace of mind before me. They even drove it home for me.

The first thing I noticed was that there was a slight construction error which made the proper mounting of the legs of the bed impossible. Wouldn't do any harm, I'm not wild in bed, I figured. But I must say, it's been a pain. It's so unstable that you always feel you're about to fall from it. And the matress doesn't lend you any support either. I'm not heavy, but I promise, the springs are in their most compressed state all of the night. I'm througly disappointed.

So, last weekend, when I ate pizza with some of the other Vasa 83's at Pizza Perez, I found myself asking “I mean come on, sleeping is important, why shouldn't I invest some money in a real bed?“, without realising I had asked the same question almost two years ago.
written by Mattias
hihi! min säng här har en avklippt metalltråd som står upp i mitten, så jag är full av skrapsår.
posted by   monica
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