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Hair pomade/wax review
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Hair pomade/wax review
offerta di prestito in 48 ore....
  by mauro

24 Dec 05
Again, I feel I have to avoid certain matters and instead, settle for two short stories that I, for some reason, thought about today. The first is more action-packed than the other one.

I was 13, I think. The place was Borgaregatans högstadium. I told this older, bigger kid that he looked like he'd been eating a lot of chocolate during the summer. I was thin and short. A few days later he attacked me and pushed me up against the lockers so that my arms kind of went numb for a few minutes.

The thing was, he worked at the kiosk at the beach in Strömsö during the summer. Once, he gave us free chocolate. He had been cruel to me before, but after that I considered him my friend. So my remark about his physical appearance after the summer was purely a joke, and meant as a good-spirited one. Of course, it was stupid of me, because I should have realised that weight is a sensitive matter for many (God knows it's for me too. But it's seems it's always okay to make jokes about thin people, as if their problems were somehow easier to fix or more or less a result of vanity). Only afterwards did I hear that it was indeed a sensitive matter to him. Then it was all to late, as he had already responded in the only way he could: by using violence. My friendship with him definitely ended with this, and he had to stay after class (and that strengtened my position as the one who got other people punished. I cried a lot.) I'm sorry, Mathias Wester.

Same place, same year. I don't know why, but I never wore the same sweater two days in a row. I didn't have that many sweaters, but I just didn't wear one two days in a row. But one day, I had gotten this skate-/snowboarding sweater (of the brand G-Spot, which is what's written all over my clothes nowadays, too), which I felt raised my status in school. I felt I was someone (maybe a bit more like M. Granfors). The next day, when I chose my sweater, I thought “What the hell, give me another day of this fashion-fueled well-being.“ So I broke my rules and put it on. But of course, I shouldn't have. In the lunch queue, one of the older pupils, who'd seen the sweater the day before, shouted: “Hey, Serti*, for how long are you going to wear that sweater?“ I was devastated.

*Serti is a brand of dog food. I once wore a funny cap with the logo on it. They saw their chance.
written by Mattias
aha, så det är därför du går omkring i dendär g-spot tröjan varje dag. (syftar på rubriken) :)
posted by   ville
haha. macke granfors. Hoppas han läser int dehä men jag tycker att du är coolare än macke. Sorry bara alla. Men han hatar mig så vad är det för skillnad vad jag säger. There ain't nothing cool about rock 'n' roll
posted by   antti walker
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