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09 Jan 06
Catastrophic Cats on fire gigs
The number of very successful Cats on fire concerts is, as I see it, very low. At the same time, there have been very few really catastrophic ones. The conclusion is that most have been mediocre. These listed below were rotten. It seems autumn 2003 wasn't a good period. Listed chronologically.

#1 Club 25, Vasa, September 2003, with a lot of way below average bands. I mean, they were secondary school cover bands, really. And the Duke. (I realise now that this is missing from the records). Very few people had shown up and most of the people seemed to have left (the Duke fans, apparently) when we went on. The band who covered “Let it be“ and “Knockin' on Heaven's Door“ went on after us. We had been promised to get our train tickets paid, but our chief negotiator Ekin didn't have the heart to tell the Amnesty girl to give us the money. She was a first time arranger and she would have had to pay us from her own pocket. She just kept saying “Oh, I should never have done this!“.

#2 Dynamo, Åbo, October 2003, with Laakso

I lost my voice completely and spent the whole concert excusing myself. Still not the worst.

#3 Downtown, Åbo, November 2003, with Tumbling Dice

I think there were fewer people in the audience than there were on stage. Massive betrayal if there ever was one!

#4 Pub Kåren, Åbo, February 2004

This was just stupidity on my part. The set up was embarrassing. Fastlagstisdag. That's a day when some students drink and ride small sledges in the afternoon. Then, they are supposed to come to Pub Kåren to drink even more. And they needed a band. I can't believe we said yes to this. It was a low-point, a nadir. Not only did we play badly. I got angry at the loud students, who weren't even watching. I felt my friends were laughing at me. I heard that Jan A had said afterwards that “Cats on fire is a band who should have become good by now“ or something like that, which meant our chance was gone.

#5 After Eight, Jakobstad, March 2004

We were quite nervous I guess. Maybe not a real catastrophe, but not good either. It was so quiet during the pauses that the only sound you could hear was us fiddling with the instruments. And we do that very silently.

#6 Dynamo, Åbo, July 2005

This was the concert when all possible technical problems manifested themselves. And we got embarrassed and irritated/irritating. I felt my friends were laughing at me. I mean, I wan't them to laugh, but not in that way. Not the pity laughs, thank you.

There are a few more that could be on this list. I just need someone refreshing my memory a bit.
written by Mattias
Jag tycker inte att den första dynamospelningen var någon katastrof, jag kan dock fatta att du tycker det. (personligen tyckte jag det var väldigt väldigt kul att du delade ut små lappar där du ursäktade din dåliga röst) =).
posted by   Kenneth
haha. The Duke. Band med en idiot som spelar bas. Band som kopierar saker från 70-tal som var opopulära redan då. Dat gör mig arg. Ni stackare måsta spela tillsammans och fick inte ens publik. Det var nog sorligt.
posted by   antti
posted by   Mattias (other)
Mattias, don't worry!
posted by   Mattias
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