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My Dear Instruments, pt. 3
Sono un uomo di Dio molto ricc...
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My Dear Instruments, pt. 3
Sono un uomo di Dio molto ricc...
  by renelio

12 Jan 06
Rant + Some damn fine mozzery
We were going to record the vocals for “Draw in the reins“ today, but I just couldn't do it. I was feeling dismal already in the morning, and it didn't get better. I just can't shake it off. It wasn't that bad, but enough to keep me down today.

I hope no one thinks that we, Cats, are deliberately shooting ourselves in the foot by not doing anything to get recognized. That couldn't be further from the truth. We are doing almost everything that we can think of, I think. I mean, we are eager to get recognition, from anyone, really. But as I see it, many people fail to understand our situation. We have really very few connections. There is no one we can turn to that we know of. If we were a band from Sweden, I am certain that we would know what to do and whom to contact, but we are far from Sweden. And we are kind of far from Finland too. Even if we were Finnish, there would be things, an infrastructure that one could almost automatically get access to or otherwise use. The only ones we really know are Le Futur Pompiste, and we're even sharing members. This is NOT meant to be self-pitying. It's not even written in defense of some proposed lazyness or unwillingness on our part. I just want to inform those who are interested about the way it seems to be. We ARE, undoubtedly, caught in-between. Being from Lapland would be marginally worse.

Okay, some essential Morrissey tracks, as if anyone reading this wouldn't already well-acquainted. By essential, I really mean the most beautiful. Some well known, some less well known. But these would be my “alone and thirsty in Lapland“-tracks.

“Driving Your Girlfriend Home“
“Everyday Is Like Sunday“
“Interesting Drug“
“I've Changed My Plea To Guilty“
“Let Me Kiss You“
“My Love Life“
“Now My Heart Is Full“
“Seasick, Yet Still Docked“
“Tony the Pony“

written by Mattias
Kanske Musicsammen kan make the sure that you will get a good start of a successful career.
posted by   Dan
the shure menar jag
posted by   dan
kan ni inte spela i tammerfors? den där snälla killen som ville känner kunde fixa, eller så kunde sami fixa in er på nån sån där pop-kväll som de ju ändå har jämt? eller med regina?
posted by   monica
jag gillar seasick, yet still docked.
posted by   acke
jag har nog lärde att känna några männniskor inom tiden och jag skulle vilja hjälpa. Men alltså behover någn hår kontakter alls nuförtiden. Bara hitta människor ni vill prata med och skriva email. Jag har fått svar från belle and sebastian och tiger lou när jag har bara skrivit email till dom. Inte är det alls svårt
posted by   antti walker
men en lp skulle vara bra att ha snart. Ni har gjort musik så länge att det finns material. jag fattar nog att Lua räcker inte till sånt men jag skulle kunna hjälpa att fixa en bolag åt er.
posted by   antti
förresten. Vad var det för låt som kom på spelning i början med jessika med? Det var en skön låt som är värd att banda in.
posted by   antti
Jag tror det var "If You Must Tell Him". Vi bandar nog in den när vi får chansen!
posted by   Mattias
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