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My Dear Instruments, pt. 3
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My Dear Instruments, pt. 3
Sono un uomo di Dio molto ricc...
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26 Jan 06
Ice Water For Blood
We started working on three new songs on tuesday. The first is called "Born Again Christian" and is quite fast and explicit, both musically and lyrically. The second one is called "The Sharp End of a Season". It is far more complicated, by any measures. Long chord progressions, 6/8, four different parts and a radical key change. And finally, we tried playing "Frida, You Can't Take it Back", which of course is the song I wrote for Frida Hyvönen.

The reason I wrote it was that she said very nice things to me, in a very casual way. So I instantly told everybody, until I felt I became slightly embarrassing. But then again I also felt that this wasn't enough. I wanted to exploit the situation further. She said I'd ought to send her an email, but what good would that do?

So, I started thinking about it. Gibson, the manufacturer of guitars, once had a slogan that went "She loves you or she hates you. Either way, you've got a song" (To go with it, there was a sad looking man with a shiny acoustic guitar. Fantastic!). So already on Saturday, I had worked out a plan. I would write a song about it and send it to her. If she didn't acknowledge it, then fine, because, well, I'd get a song!

Everyone I spoke to thought it was a funny idea, and of course I said I was doing it "with tongue in cheek". But in my mind, this was serious business. Day and night, I worked on the lyrics and the melody. I think I had it written by Tuesday. I was very pleased with the results.

The main riff in the intro and middle section is very much based on the song "I Remember Everything " [you said to me] by the Kinks, which I thought was extremely clever, and put there as an obscure pop riddle (so now I spoiled it). I am very proud of the lyrics, too. I'm going to post them in the lyrics section soon.

So I recorded the song on Thursday and sent it, along with an email, the same evening. And I haven't heard from her. Although I knew there was a big chance for this to happen, and I told everyone that I expected absolutely nothing, I can't help my feelings. Of course I had expected something and now I'm sad. "Either way, you've got a song", NO WAY! It isn't enough. Actually, just any quick comment wouldn't do either. I feel it's worth more and perhaps that is the problem with Cats on fire in general.
written by Mattias
åh, underbart! Det här var en bra mycket konstruktivare sak att göra med sitt liv än recensera Kometfabriken-skivor. Love it.
posted by   Philip
Jag tycker fortfarande att detta vore ett prima tillfälle att göra en "the Frida EP". Tänk låtlistan (den sista låten blir givetvis antingen baserad på sanning eller fiktiv, beroende på den verkliga historiens gång): 1. Frida, you can´t take it back 2. Frida, I´m disappointed 3. Ouvertyr 4. Finally, Frida!
posted by   Mathias
Att skriva en låt och hoppas på det bästa är beprövat knep som dessvärre aldrig funkat. Kommer att tänka på raden "You can't make someone love you with a song", som mr. Marc Bianci så insiktsfull sjunger.
posted by   acke
Ja, men vad borde jag göra då?
posted by   Mattias
And besides, you have obviously not heard the song.
posted by   Mattias
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