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My Dear Instruments, pt. 3
Sono un uomo di Dio molto ricc...
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My Dear Instruments, pt. 3
Sono un uomo di Dio molto ricc...
  by renelio

12 Mar 06
Orientalist observations, pt. 1
I will now proceed to write about my trip to Damascus and this is how I will do it: Instead of just sweeping through the events in an orderly fashion, I will, more or less arbitrarily, choose certain photographs as starting points. You can expect the following:

– Both fun and interesting information on Damascus, presented in reader-friendly, standalone episodes.
– Stunning photographs from Damascus, only occasionally featuring the writer himself
– Hilarious, everyday observations about life, love & everything else

Okay, part one. To the left you see me, having chosen my red pin-stripe shirt and perhaps still a bit jet-lagged (Yes, Syria is in the same timezone, but haven't you heard of vertical jet-lag?).

To the right we have Damascus, viewed from the Kassioun Mountain, which has overlooked the city for thousands of years. It's been said that when the Prophet saw the city from here, he decided not to go down, because he wanted to enter paradise only once. Any modern day prophet would add “and because of that enormous cloud of polluted air“ to this age-old self-praising anecdote.

Although we arrived a bit late to get a really clear view, I assure you that I've never seen anything like it. You know how many big cities are, with few people actually living in the city core. Well, here it seemed that everything was in the core: a myriad of dirty, white houses as far as the eye could see. The photo is taken by Joanna Lindén.
written by Mattias
heee mitt fina foto. det är mystiskt att komma hem från resor: super-antiklimax. tänkte kolla om du hunnit reseblogga och jippi! själv har jag lite angst; borde göra det samma och skriva juttur och alla de där skolgrejerna. har suddat bort helgen i min lägenhet. tänkte att jag skulle leva inspirerat och produktivt eremitliv lördag och söndag men det blev mest till surfa på nätet och titta på tv-mission. oh well. Kassioun Mountain!
posted by   joanna
Jo, samma här, har bara varit inne och inte fått så mycket gjort. Du får förresten rätta mig om du hittar nå faktafel!
posted by   Mattias
:) jag är en ganska okonventionell konstvetare med dåligt namnminne, namnet på berget blev en aha-upplevelse för mig. vi får samarbeta i faktadjungeln.
posted by   joanna
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