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12 Apr 06
Look what they dragged in for the Cats!
Strangely enough, almost one year after we tried to convince with our Seelonce Mayday demo, we are finally hearing some answers to our, well, distress calls. Some are more half-hearted and disinterested, while others seem a lot more excited and promising. And now, for the first time ever, I'm going to try my hand at collecting some indie credit by revealing some saucy details of the inner workings of the “business”.

This week, we got a letter from a PR/Management/Promotion agency. They were interested of having us as their customers. We were of course as sceptical as ever and I don't think our judgement will be proven wrong. We surfed around at their website, looking at the rather ackward, unfamiliar band names in their roster.

Then I noticed a press statement on one of the band pages that said “Världen måste fullkomligt välta för Those Pyjamas”. Those Pyjamas was the band, alltså. It was from Göteborgsposten. I thought, “well, that's a good review. They can't be all that bad if someone thinks they'll conquer the world.”

But later, I stumbled upon the whole review. Here's an excerpt, containing the line that the Promo agency had quoted:

“Man undrar ju lite lätt hur det ska gå nu när The Strokes gått och blivit ett bonnrockband? När all New York-coolness försvunnit i överproduktionens förlovade land? Världen måste fullkomligt välta för Those Pyjamas och alla andra Strokes-efterapare.”

Someone is skillful in the art of deceptive quoting! Now “fullkomligt välta” reads something like “collapse in front of their eyes“ instead of “bow down at their feet”.

I couldn't resist asking about this, whether it was common praxis, a trick or just a misunderstanding. The reply I got can be seen here:

Hej Mattias,
Tack för att du är engagerad i våra band!
Om du tycker att det känns fel med den speglingen får det stå för dig.
Vi gillar The Strokes och tar det som en komplimang

Now that's just... wrong. The question wasn't whether one thinks being accused of mimicking the Strokes is a compliment or not (especially since the Strokes wasn't even mentioned in the quote!). The issue was that someone had, as far as I can understand, deliberately changed the meaning of a statement by pulling it out of context, in order to make it sound like a glowing review, when it was, by any standards, mediocre.

This kind of shady business will never attract the pure and noble cats. And his services cost a fortune!

But there are others...

FYI: Neko Case “Fox Confessor Brings the Flood” is the absolute musical highlight of the year, of course, in the towering shadow of the Moz.
written by Mattias
hoppas det fiins någon som skulle vara duktig åt er. Jag har också lyssnat på neko case. Hon har ju en av häftigaste röst man kan tänka på. Jag tycker om torchlights.
posted by   antti walker
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