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Hair pomade/wax review
offerta di prestito in 48 ore....
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Hair pomade/wax review
offerta di prestito in 48 ore....
  by mauro

27 May 06
Am I that obvious?
Yesterday was nice. Lunch with my sister, her boyfriend and her other friend. Then later, practising with Ville. I think we got our parts finished for "Astray" now.

I caught a glimpse of the massive Lordi party in Helsinki and it was expectedly absurd. Nothing gets Finns moving like metal (and ice hockey). Around 90 000 had met up at the square to celebrate the Eurovision star. But I don't mind really, because Lordi actually seems rather pleasant. There was a protest list against the Seiska paper, who published pictures of Lordi without he's mask. Over 100 000 people instantly thought this was a good thing to petition for. I'm amazed. An opportunist could easily be tempted to try to make use of this enormous, latent power. But one must not forget then, that it can only be awaken by the sound of a dark power chord or a cross-checking against the rink.

Then Dynamo. Magenta Skycode and Nancy Wha. Both bands good, neither of them quite my taste. But close enough for appreciation.

But my interest was severely split. “I know who you are looking at”, I was told. After that, I could look no more, because everytime I did, I felt I was signaling something. These signals were then to be interpreted in a rather questionable way. In any case, I didn't want to signal. So, I don't know how it all ended. I must have seemed rather confused. If anyone reads this and feel they have something to say, please enlighten me.
written by Mattias
I was only teasing you. I like to observe you observing others. Besides I was drunk. You should try it sometimes, just to find out that in that state of mind things start to come out of your mouth in an odd order. Maybe I was trying to find You behind you. Or maybe not. Who knows. I started something I couldn´t finish. Men allvarligt, ditt leende passar dig..
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Tur att det passar! Och vad resten beträffar... fair enough!
posted by   Mattias
strange things comes out of mouths with just coffee or water, and then it's even harder to explain what and why... apologies, everyone!
posted by   siiri
Any more confessors?
posted by   Mattias
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