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Hair pomade/wax review
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Hair pomade/wax review
offerta di prestito in 48 ore....
  by mauro

22 Jun 06
My World Cup
Roughly halfway through the tournament, my bet is still on Germany. Although the performance against Poland was rather weak, I somehow sense that Klose will only continue to produce goals further on. Spain and Argentina have also looked very strong, but I doubt they will be able to keep up the momentum in the knockout stages.

These are just vague feelings, since I find it very hard to measure the relative strength of the teams in a tournament with so many lesser teams. I have to say I agree with Frank Sjöman in that 32 is too much.

My own team, Holland, has not excelled yet. Sadly, I think their defence isn't going to last very long. Holland has been my team since 89 and I can't really figure out why. Oh how I have cried when they've lost. And they always do. Being a Holland fan is a constant struggle. My only mistake is I'm still hoping.

Yesterday's game between England and Sweden was fair, although I hoped Sweden would win. The reason was all the chauvinistic football douchebags that cheered for England at Bar Bristol. Some of them were from Britain and others tried to fake a certain Britishness by swearing and shouting. Worked rather well, because by halftime, they were all pigs.
written by Mattias
jag tror varje em och vm att det är spaniens tur att vinna. TT
posted by   dan
As a fan of the Holland team, you should have been in Frankfurt this week! The whole town in orange, half the Dutch population had decided to support their team against Argentina in Germany. I don´t really share your optimism concerning Germany - we´ll see today! Twelve points to the most charming team go to Trinidad-Tobago anyway. Best hymn-points go to Paraguay, best fighter-points to Australia and player most looking like a sad sheep-points go to Robert Huth of Germany. Looking forward to your gig at Dynamo! Last year was wonderfully pathetic with the keyboard taking a plunge.
posted by   Eva-Maria
Indeed it was! I promise you, no keyboards this year...
posted by   Mattias
Tyckte det var mycket amusing då Nicke fläktade dig med fjädern. Det var så absurt opassande. hihi
posted by   acke
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