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My Dear Instruments, pt. 3
Sono un uomo di Dio molto ricc...
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My Dear Instruments, pt. 3
Sono un uomo di Dio molto ricc...
  by renelio

09 Oct 06
Southern Comfort
I went South and caught a cold this weekend. Cats played two gigs, one in the splendid capital of Denmark, yes, let's say it together: Copenhagen. The club was arranged in some sort of youth recreation center. We recognised it because of all the smoking teenagers inside. Only in Denmark... No, I probably got it all wrong.

In any case, the smoking ban has not reached Denmark yet. Is it even on its way, as in Finland? Why does banning smoking from restaurants and bars seem a bit harsh to me? Am I turning liberal? I am strictly non-smoking myself, but it just doesn't feel right. But then again, maybe it still is. It's all about the dangers of passive smoking, isn't it?

Many smokers think it's good that smoking is banned from bars and restaurants. I can understand that. I think very few really like smokey environments. But then again, why didn't they spare the others before the ban? They weren't forced to smoke inside, were they?

We were looking everywhere for a place to eat and we finally ended up in a place we had rejected before. By that time, we had rejected around 30 other places, including an Indian restaurant, were I and Henry had already ordered food. But they didn't accept credit cards and the others thought it was too expensive (it was!), so we went out, presumably to get some money. But no, we ran away. And then, the blackest shame... Aah, I shouldn't remind myself.

The concert in Copenhagen was okay. I think I scared a few, including myself, when I hit a big lamp globe with my guitar, just as we were about to start playing. The glass fell over me and one shard cut up a small wound on my nose. It took a few minutes to get it to stop bleeding. A plaster would have done the trick faster, but for some reason, I didn't want one. Maybe I thought it would distract me. Maybe I was just too vain.

Another shard cut off a string on Ville's guitar, so he had to borrow the Fender Jaguar off of Scaredycat (they were good, by the way!).

Sleeping facilities were kindly provided by Johannes, a friend of Mads's. I'm guessing that the room we slept in is normally used for that big football game, only. Am I right?
written by Mattias
Ville borde väl inte annat än eftersträva Jaguarer? Mysigare gitarrer får man leta efter. Vad har han annars?
posted by   Albin
Ähum... om jag får svara för honom så har han normalt sett en Jazzmaster, men nu skulle han spela på min Sheraton II. Men va kul, första instrumentdiskussionen!
posted by   Mattias
Det var en Mustang! inte en Jaguar.
posted by   Ville
Ah, ja nå de är ju helt annorlunda.
posted by   Mattias
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