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Om att kasta sten
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11 Mar 07
My Dear Instruments, pt. 1
Part 1: Phenomenal Cat

This black, nothing-special electro-acoustic guitar was the instrument I bought when we first started playing with Cats on fire. We had decided that I should play an acoustic guitar and Kim should play an electric. That was our setup. But we quickly realised that it wasn't possible to just mic up an acoustic guitar by putting an SM58 in front of it.

So I bought this medium quality Ibanez AEM20 which had a built-in piezo pick-up. Its body is thinner than what's normal, which makes it less susceptible to feedback. But to be fair, I quickly realised that it's also a quite dull-sounding instrument when played acoustically.

But at gigs, it served me well. It's trustworthy, which is an important quality.

I dubbed it, somewhat cheesily, “Phenomenal Cat” in late 2005, after the Kinks song.

The reason it's now in retirement is that the laquer and the wood around the input hole started to break. Also, I wanted an instrument that sounded better in itself.

But Phenomenal Cat will always be remembered, even though I've had thoughts about exchanging it for a classical guitar. Sorry, old friend, but my financial and spatial resources are limited.
written by Mattias
I love black acousic guitar aresocooland wow
posted by   bryan wayne sims
What kinda guitar iz dat in da pic???
posted by   Celeste caraway
posted by   Rachael Li Thompson
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