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My Dear Instruments, pt. 3
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20 Apr 07
Grand Tour Memoirs: Hamburgers, Berliners
Roter Salon is an old East German theatre (not entirely sure) at Rosa Luxemburg-platz in Berlin. The interieor has, as far as I know, only been slightly refurbished since it was built sometimes after the war. And I think it's in the very heart of Berlin, quite near Alexanderplatz. (I should perhaps read more).

We did well among the red draperies and the Lenin portraits. I think we all had very fun.

My father and (surprisingly) my sister were there, which made the night even more dreamy.

Afterwards, we went back to Kaffee Burger, where we'd previously watched Komon (who comes from Sweden and whose real name is Antonia) play. The place had turned into a mad indie dancehall. Antonia was there too, and for at least two reasons, I think I had a small crush on her. Oliver danced like a wild beast to the right tunes and at some point, we all did.

But hereafter, our problems begun. At first, we had to find our way to a place in Kreutzberg, which turned out to be harder than we thought. Although we eventually found the place, a more alarming problem arised. The person (who may want to present an explanation) at whose place we were going to stay didn't answer the phone. So there we stood, dead tired in an unknown city.

Without Oliver, we would probably still be there, wrapped in newspapers. Oliver is our man, I can't stress that enough.

We drove madly through Berlin, looking for a cheap hostel were we could sleep a few hours before we had to drive back to Hamburg. And eventually, when the sun was already on the rise, we found one. Except the room we got was full of girls and their mother. But he sorted that out too.

So, we have to admit, we were quite tired on our important day in Hamburg. The sound was not perfect, especially not on stage, and my voice was beginning to fail. It was not one of our best concerts, but we tried our best. The room was absolutely packed and perhaps we were a bit frightened.

Hamburg seemed like a beautiful city and I couldn't help thinking it's a lot like Gothenburg. Some more alsterwasser and a tour on one of the river boats, I will return for those.

written by Mattias
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