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My Dear Instruments, pt. 3
Sono un uomo di Dio molto ricc...
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My Dear Instruments, pt. 3
Sono un uomo di Dio molto ricc...
  by renelio

04 May 07
Man sexually harrassed in shopping queue
I was standing in the supermarket queue today when I noticed a man in his late twenties who behaved very strangely. I don't know whether he was drunk, coked-up or mentally ill, but he was very loud and otherwise ”high-maintenance”.

He stood behind me with his girlfriend, who told him to stop when he tried to get my attention by taunting me. He said that he wanted my ass and that I should come to his place for some tacos. My initial reflex to smile was easy to surpress when he started groping me. He was going on and on about anal sex, more and more aggressively, and I repeatedly had to remove his arm from my behind. I told him to stop and when he just responded by making vulgar moves with his tongue, I asked for help.

But no one did anything to make him stop touching me. No one dared to look at either him or me, although I can assure that they heard me.

I guess he was frightened when I called for assistance, so he went outside, but not before threatening me. Everybody heard that too, but no one reacted.

The cashier, who had followed the situation, had me to pay for the plastic bag I had forgotten in the turmoil.
written by Mattias
Stackars du! Det intressanta - men på något sätt logiska - i sammanhanget är att han hade en flickvän. Jag skulle vilja höra deras samtal efteråt. Eller står hon bara ut med sånt här beteende? Och var han liksom du med sina anspelningar eller försökte han förolämpa dig?
posted by   Philip
Han var alltså rejält konstig. Hon försökte säga till honom, lite sådär halvhjärtat, men jag uppfattade som att han svarade genom att säga att han skulle ta livet av sig. Anspelningarna gjordes nog för att provocera, även om han var pinsamt specifik med vad han ville göra med mig. Ärligt talat förstod jag inte situationen riktigt. Det kan bara inte ha varit normal eftermiddagsshopping för dem. Det verkade ohållbart, liksom.
posted by   Mattias
be proud man - you're hot!
posted by   tha dog
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