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My Dear Instruments, pt. 3
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My Dear Instruments, pt. 3
Sono un uomo di Dio molto ricc...
  by renelio

18 Jun 07
Days, in bed
The concert at Dynamo was pleasant. I think Days kind of stole the show, but in that case, only just. Anyway, they were brilliant. Johan Hedberg was good too and Hanna & Ville should be proud of the fact that they made him play here before mighty Stockholm did. On the other hand, they are used to "bleeding edge booking". For example, Regina and Le Sport (when they were still Eurosport) have both played very early on at Les Yper Sound.

On Saturday I went to Ikea with Putte and Anton. We thought they should be a bit more daring and give their products politically charged names and replace the cheesy, non-offensive Swedish mumbo-jumbo naming scheme they have now. For example, we saw a big, leather office chair that SHOULD have been called "Chauvinist". And, the black serving table would cause a lot more stir if it was called "Fredag" ("Friday").

On Sunday, I cured my accumulated fatigue (a result of work, moving, practising and nerves) by sleeping in my new bed (that SHOULD have been called "Övergrepp", "Assault").

Then I went to a crowded Garda, where everybody wanted their pizza before the closing of the restaurant at 8. A man told the pizza baker that his train was leaving in ten minutes and got the answer that the pizza would be ready very soon. After five minutes, he asked for his money back and ran away. Just a few minutes later, another man did the same thing. Catching the same train? Hardly, because there is no way to get from Garda to the train station, park, and get on the train in that time.

But I don't think that the first man was planning to catch a train either. If you have ten minutes left and your car is parked on the other side of the town, you don't go back to sit and wait for the pizza. You get your money back and drive like jehu. Of course, he could have lied about the remaining time, but I have an alternate explanation that would explain why both men had to run just before eight o' clock. Who brings a pizza on the train anyway?

I think it was the start of the Formula One race that was more important than the pizza. It started eight sharp and the start is the most exciting part of the race. Nowadays when you have to pay extra to see the races live, the start is not something you want to miss.
written by Mattias
Haha, det där med Ikea är fantastiskt, man kunde spinna vidare på det hur länge som helst. Barnens nya våningssäng kunde heta... SEPARATION, där finns symbolik på åtminstone två plan.
posted by   Philip
Är F1 pay-per-view i Finland nuförtiden? DET vore FEL!
posted by  
Jag tror det är så, man måste ha ett speciellt kort till digitalboxen.
posted by   Mattias
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