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17 Jul 07
Twisted bicycle
I ruined my bicycle in a rather unusual way. I was close to home when my jacket fell from on top of my bag, where it was, you know, folded. I turned around, picked it up and folded it the same way. But it was a warning, you see. Because seconds later it fell off again. This time, it fell into the gear system. One would think that this would completely ruin the JACKET. That would certainly be bad enough, since it was the jacket with at huge Smiths patch on the back. But strangely, there wasn't a single tear.

What had happened, though, was much worse. The gear shifter was now horribly bent straight into the wheel itself. I reckon it had been twisted 90 degrees on both y- and the z-axis. Of course, I tried to bend it back, after I figured out how it must have been before. But I didn't get it nearly as good. Not only that, but one of the bearings broke and popped out when I removed the wheel, and I couldn't fit the wheel back properly. So now, if I wan't to repair it, I have to get a new wheel and perhaps a spare part for the gears. And when the bicycle originally cost me 65 € (used), it isn't worth it.

Niko is selling an old Finnish road race bicycle and I'm thinking of buying it. Still, it doesn't look like the most comfortable bicycle on the planet, with it's tubeless wheels and concrete saddle.
written by Mattias
posted by   test
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