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16 Sep 07
(I've recently discovered I don't have to go OUT on the common balcony; there's some signal by the window too.)

On Friday I rediscovered a few things. Some of them were pleasant, some of them were awful. Sauna was GREAT and I must go more often from now on. I also discovered the process of lasagne becoming soft in the owen, and thus edible, but I must discuss the awful, serious matters now.

I was really disappointed yesterday. I felt really tired of people, and it was really a single person's fault. Of this person, I'm going to demand an apology. If he laughs it off, then that's that. I know I'm right, but he doesn't need me and I don't need him. I just wish he'd stop saying how much alike we are.

Today was much much more cheerful. Only an hour ago, I was deep down in a conversation with a British former professional military and enjoying it immensely. I think I learned a lot then, too. A really nice fellow, although I thought he was too proud of his athletic achievements in the beginning. Then, when we talked about democracy, militarism, security and power, I found him really refreshing. I, as the idealist pacifist I seem to be, needed the injection of realpolitik. Although I don't know what to do with it.
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