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09 Nov 07
Grey days
The last few days have been dark, to say the least. The school shootings are still difficult to cope with. I understand people gathering at churches, perhaps not to get answers*, but to come together in the notion that our existance is not without meaningless and that it is our common business. To come together as human beings as we'd like to know them. And by that, rejecting the strange ideas of the young man that caused this tradegy.

First, I was shocked by the Americanness of the murders. A completely genuine american school massacre in the small Finnish society of Jokela. Absolutely incredible. The universality of Youtube and the Internet has its obvious drawbacks. One could of course claim that the madness of this man had nothing to do with what he encountered on the net, but it's hardly that simple. For instance, it's difficult to deny that internet doesn't make anti-social behaviour a lot easier. Instead of having your ideas questioned by "normal" people, you can easily find like-minded persons on the web. I don't think it's a cause for moral outrage, and I know there has been quite a few people with wicked ideas before the age of internet. But the viability of these ideas always depend on the surroundings in which they exist. And perhaps the socities on the internet has altered they way a lonely person's delusions can gain strength. Because obviously, this person, no matter lonely he was in his deeds, was part of something bigger. This exist not in the form of a movement, but as a sort vague, intellectually irresposible ideology springing up here and there on the vast, anonymous web.

The Columbine influence was obvious, which makes today's news more surprising. It seems that he (AND his mother) were fans of the famouns Finnish eco-fascist Pentti Linkola ( His absurd, extreme views on humanity and modern society has gained a strange kind of pseudo-respectability here. His devotion to his eco-friendly lifestyle and his prolific writing has lended his otherwise genocidal, anti-democratic views a Green scent, which makes them harder to dismiss. I seem to remember that a recent English show on climate change had him as an interviewee. Isn't it so, that if these sort of ideas are seen as anything but extremely anti-social ones and especially when something vaguely likely it is "in the air", the persons who would actually be willing to carry out violent acts feel that they are more righteous in doing so. But at the same time, what can you do about it?

I guess that's also the main question for the rest of the year. But even at the day of the massacre, there were talks about tightening school security. But I myself can't imagine that every little village school in Finland would begin putting up fences and metal detectors. Obviously, we must start somewhere else.

*The eternal question "Why did God let this happen?" still begs for an answer, and will do so until we rid God completely of his divinity. In my opinion, the notion that God's ways are mysterious is one of the greatest assaults on human intellect and humanity.
written by Mattias
Äh, vad är det med folk egentligen? Jag tycker folk som den som skrivit den där artikeln har missat något väldigt fundamentalt: De flesta av oss är inte intresserade av ett "vackert" samhället med "perfekta" människor, utan ett samhälle där just det mediokra tolereras, eftersom de flesta känner igen det mediokra ifrån sitt inre. Att "rena" samhället från det från de "mediokra" element man själv inte gillar är som tur är en idé som inte har fått så starkt fotfäste. Och det är konstigt hur Jokela och de där nihilisterna på den där sidan vurmar så hårt för moder jord när de inte vill tillerkänna det mänskliga livet i sig något värde över huvud taget.
posted by   Mattias
Fanatiker. En del är roliga, andra sorgliga, och några är rentav farliga. Att fastna för en sanning som står över allt annat är inte så sjukt som det är blint. Ofta är det helt frivillig blindhet. Man väljer det eftersom "den enda sanningen", vare sig det är religion, ideologi eller stil ger trygghet i ens egen tillvaro. Falsk trygghet kan man väl tillägga, men för många helt tillräcklig för att klara av vardagen.
posted by   Kike_B
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