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Hair pomade/wax review
offerta di prestito in 48 ore....
  by mauro

19 Nov 07
Update forthcoming, but...
... I just have to find my bag first. I thought I had lost my mind when I couldn't find it in my apartment, although I knew I had taken it from the bus only two hours earlier. Then I started panicking - what if I had left it in the middle of the street? I looked everywhere for it twice, outside too, before I sat down to make hypotheses. Together with Sofia I concluded the following:

- it was not in my apartment.
- it wasn't very likely left in the street, since I remembered I had rolled it behind me from the bus AND I had gotten into to my apartment. The keys were in the bag and I found it very unlikely that I had picked them out from there earlier.
- it was very unlikely that I had left it in the entrance to the yard, since I remember it from the short uphill walk to the house.
- I might have left it in the entrance to the house, and therefore I should put up "LOST" signs, which I did (1). Somebody had perhaps then picked up the bag and moved it into safety OR stolen it.
- I might have left it outside my door. At that point, I thought it was unlikely, since anyone seeing it there wouldn't pick it up and move it, since it was so clearly outside a door and perhaps already in the process of being moved. Of course, it could have been stolen from there, but that was more unlikely than someone stealing it from the house entrance.

I did one last after I put up the sign. I noticed one of my neighbours were up although it was late, so I rang the doorbell. The boy answering hadn't seen anything, but he asked the girl behind him. And then came the surprise. She said that the bag had been there 22:00. I had arrived 21:30. Since I'm confident she wasn't lying, I concluded that someone had picked it up from outside my door between 22:00 and 23:30. If it's theft, it's outrageous. If someone has "helped" me by moving it somewhere else, it's just stupid. They could have knocked, since they must have seen I was up. Or they could have just left it there! That's what I would do.

So now, I go to sleep. Tomorrow morning, I'll start knocking doors.
written by Mattias
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