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28 Dec 07
Always shaky
Yesterday's Indie Vaudeville must be deemed a success, although there were some serious problems. And I'm not counting the fire alarm, due to which we had to empty the building at 8 pm. Fortunately, we had to stand outside, in the piss poor weather, for ten minutes only.

The major problem was space. After about 45 after we opened the doors, the doorman declared the place was full. He'd only let in 130 and there were a lot of frustrated standing outside freezing. We were embarrassed, especially since there were a lot of friends, even family, that had been left out in the cold. But the doorman was unrelenting. We were gutted.

Slowly, people started giving up, which was what I would have done. But those who stood there for well over an hour didn't do it in vain. Some people had come for either Iiris or Jim and thanks to those people leaving after the gigs, the faithful got their reward.

The gigs themselves were brilliant. After all the drama at the entrance, I could barely keep myself together when Iiris started playing. She is such an amazing artist and I love her songs. I was not the only one gazing in awe at her performance. I hope that she would like to work with us sometime in the future.

Jim V och Fasa was responsible for most of the roughness. His dramatic, coarse voice was backed by heavy drumming and overdriven guitars, which proved to be effective, although they obscured his poetic brilliance from time to time (”Staden brinner igen, jag tar pappersbron hem” - hah!).

And then us. It wasn't as good a gig as the one in Helsinki a few weeks ago (Belly, not Vanha). But we certainly did our best. Heidi played well on the clarinet, but sadly it didn't cut through the mix.

Next year, we have the following options:

1) Do nothing.
2) Organize something at another (bigger) venue. The crowd would probably have been twice as big, according to my meticulous calculations.

Whether we will be smug enough to play there ourselves is another issue. Imagine us struggling to book a larger venue, and then everybody going well, not FOUR years in a row, what are they thinking?
written by Mattias
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