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Ljusets dag
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  by Carine

I wear a different kind of garment
100.000, 500.000 eller 15000.0...
  by joannon1988

I wear a different kind of garment
100.000, 500.000 eller 15000.0...
  by joannon1988

I wear a different kind of garment
Erbjuder snabb och pålitlig lå...
  by joannon1988

Om att kasta sten
Sono un individuo che concede ...
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09 Feb 08
Mitt's deluded
I happened to listen to Mitt Romney's campaign resignation speech and I was, again, struck by just how far his rethoric is from what you could expect from a top politician in Sweden or Finland. You would NEVER hear these lines like these here:

”[...] tolerance for pornography, even celebration of it, and sexual promiscuity, combined with the twisted incentives of government welfare have led to today's grim realities: 68% of African-Americans kids born out of wedlock, 45% of the Hispanic kids, 25% of white kids. How much harder it is for these kids to succeed in school, and in life. A nation built on the principles of the founding fathers cannot long stand when its children are raised without fathers in their home.”

”The development of a child is enhanced by having a mother and a father. Such a family is the ideal for the future of the child and for the strength of the nation.”

”Europe is facing a demographic disaster. That is the inevitable product of weakened faith in the Creator, failed families, disrespect for the sanctity of human life and eroded morality.”

Heh, finally I can identify myself as a European. And this was just the bits about family values. Much of his speech reeked of patriotism that would be simply ridiculous over here.
written by Mattias
To a lesser extent, this kind of stuff is said by politicians on the right here in Canada as well. Canda is thought of as being quite Libreral on a lot of issues, however, we can't seem to escape this idea that church (and it's always just the Christian idea of church) and family values have to be injected into politics. It always strikes me as funny that these politicians are alway preaching about this kind of moral high ground, but than try to justify all of the terrible shit that they do.
posted by   Rob
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