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My Dear Instruments, pt. 3
Email : assistance.financiaire...
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My Dear Instruments, pt. 3
Assistenza finanziaria in 24 o...
  by damien

Ljusets dag
Behöver du ett lån för att bet...
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My Dear Instruments, pt. 3
Sono Veguier Maurice, azionist...
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My Dear Instruments, pt. 3
Sono uno associare in molte ba...
  by prestitosubito2015

07 May 08
Young mind trapped in an old body
I played football for ten years in my youth. Now that I've started again, I've realised that there is a problem. Before, I didn't worry about strains and overworked muscles, because my body forgave me for all my sins. I could cold start, ignore all stretching advice and keep on running for hours. Nowadays, I can't do any of that, but I still believe I can. So, no I've had several smaller injuries, simply because I've been too eager and/or sloppy – playing with the mentality of a 12 year old, instead of taking care of the body of a soon-to-be 25 year old.
written by Mattias
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