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My Dear Instruments, pt. 3
Email : assistance.financiaire...
  by damien

My Dear Instruments, pt. 3
Email : assistance.financiaire...
  by damien

I wear a different kind of garment
Kom dina finansiella problemen...
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My Dear Instruments, pt. 3
Ciao, io sono un individuo che...
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My Dear Instruments, pt. 3
Buongiorno Sig.ra e sig. Sono ...
  by finanzamutuelle

10 Jun 08
The other mainstay: Bicycles
Now, I looking for some interactivity here. I need ideas for how to set up a bike thief trap. I'm actually thinking about revenge. My friend got his stolen a few days ago, and it was actually his suggestion we'd do something. He was thinking a nice bicycle with a poor lock, and then us waiting with a metal pipe. My objection to that is not concerning the violence. I just think that one could also avenge lesser crimes e.g. the abduction of an old, rusty bike that stands unlocked at a lamp post. Of course, then the watch would have to be more alert, since the getaway time is significantly faster... Any better ideas?
written by Mattias
nå, om det är cyklar som går att sälja vidare kan ni ju kolla på diverse nätsidor och tidningar efter matchande cyklar.
posted by   ekin
Köp nån sorts tracking device, sån som dom sticker in i djur-nackar för att följa deras parningsstig o sånt. Finns säkert på Clas Ohlson.
posted by   Jan L.
Det sku va en bra polismyndighet. Dom skulle stoppa ut fina mountain bikes med trackers i sig och sen bura in alla cykeltjuvar hur lätt som helst.
posted by   Sam
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