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My Dear Instruments, pt. 3
Email : assistance.financiaire...
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My Dear Instruments, pt. 3
Assistenza finanziaria in 24 o...
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My Dear Instruments, pt. 3
Sono Veguier Maurice, azionist...
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My Dear Instruments, pt. 3
Sono uno associare in molte ba...
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25 Jul 08
Hamburg, pt. 2
In New York, we went to Rockefeller center partly because of the NBC gift shop. Some of us wanted to buy a Conan mug or something similar. As it happened, they had just closed when we got there.

In Hamburg, I made another fan shop effort. On our first visit in Hamburg, I noticed this totenkopf logo on bicycles and t-shirts everywhere in St. Pauli, but only now did I ask what it meant. The football team, was the answer. I HAD heard about this team before, but I didn't know about its cult status, nor did I know about the alternative/left leanings of its fan club. So on our last day, I walked with Jens through a wet amusement park to the Millerntor-Stadion, where there's is also a fan store. There, I bought a shirt with the St. Pauli emblem on it. The emblem contains the coat of arms of Hamburg. The skull and crossbones is the unofficial fan club logo.
written by Mattias
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