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31 Aug 08
Recording recap
So, we have now recorded most of what will be on the album. We have some days left in the studio in Vasklot, and then we will head to another studio to mix it. Most has gone well, and I think it's safe to say at this stage that it won't be a complete failure. We are working with 12 songs at the moment, but I don't think all of them will end of on the finished album, as it seems it would be too long. We've had one coffee argument so far. It was nastier than the one when we recorded The Province Complains. I feel the pressure is higher this time around, although the others aren't as nervous (as stated in the Vasabladet article).
written by Mattias
Ser MYCKET fram emot att får höra resultatet, men törs man hoppas på en utgåva på vinyl för oss indiestofiler?
posted by   Krister
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