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Hair pomade/wax review
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Hair pomade/wax review
offerta di prestito in 48 ore....
  by mauro

27 Mar 05
Nothing gets me going
I'm trying very hard to have fun, but I hardly succeed. Anyway, today I met this Norwegian guy, whom I met once before. I was at a party with Sam & Dick, and I think Kalle the Norwegian is a family friend of the Grönblom family. He seemed to remember me very well. I have a poor memory when it comes to faces, but as soon as he started to speak, I remembered him as well. I don't know why I like him so much, but I think I do.

I didn't talk that much with him today (and now I kind of regret that, because I had the chance, but I went home instead), but he said one thing that really made my day. Someone talked about Lionel Richie and he said something to the effect of this: “Wait, what's his name, you know the guy who just died. Hmm... Yeah, you know the guy who made the song which MC Hammer then made into “Can't touch this“, what's his name? Rick James, yes! He was in a cocaine haze throughout the eighties, I mean really... and now he's dead.“ Somebody asked “Eh.. are you happy“ and he replied laughing “Yes“.

I was amused and as we started to walk away, I said “That's a... nice attitude“ or something like that. “Yes“, he explained. “The man who gave MC Hammer the bass line for 'Can't touch this' and who was soaked up in cocaine, we don't miss him“. I laughed. “There's just no need for him“. I laughed again and right there, I felt I was in good company.

He then proceeded to question me about my studies, almost like if we've known each other for a long time, but he didn't ask in that casual way, like as if he pretended we had known each other. Yes, definitely my type.
written by Mattias
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