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I wear a different kind of garment
100.000, 500.000 eller 15000.0...
  by joannon1988

I wear a different kind of garment
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11 Sep 08
Mutual friends
Something on Facebook made me wonder which of my friends I had most friends in common with. Of course, there was an app for that purpose, that listed every friend, in order of number of mutual friends. But if you want to do the same experiment, you're going to have to find the app yourself. I'm not service-minded tonight.

I now assume that everybody is equally active on facebook. Or in other words, I assume that everybody has already found every facebook friend, which isn't the case, of course. But here goes, my analysis:

The top three is occupied by fellow Cats on fire-members. Among our mutual friends are persons we've met on our trips abroad. But we've also lived in the same city for five years. Ville and I has the most friends in common, which seems strange, since Kenneth and I went to school together. But then again, Ville and I have both lived in Gothenburg.

In the top 20, there's no one whom I haven't known for at least four years. But I knew only half of them before I moved to Turku five years ago.

Places 20-40 are more hard to describe. Some quite new acquaintances, some old ones that I don't really know anymore.

My classmates from Gothenburg occupy a well-defined segment of the list, quite naturally.

My twin sister and I do not have many friends in common. She was barely in the top 100! We were separated twenty years after birth, when she moved to Helsinki and I stayed in Vasa for my civil service year.

(Seems absurd to talk about top 100 when it comes to friends. Facebook devaluates the term ”friend”, I suppose.)
written by Mattias
found it.
posted by   s.
Strange! Eller kanske inte. Efter lågstadiet har vi ju ändå rört oss i olika gäng och se senaste 6 åren har vi bott i olika städer (och länder ibland). Men med tanke på kriterierna för en facebookvän så skulle jag nog förvänta mig en mycket högre placering.
posted by   Twin sister
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