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02 Oct 08
Letter Astray
Today I received quite an unusual e-mail. It was from a person whose surname was Bjørkås, which will look similar to my surname Björkas when the Scandinavian letters are replaced. It started with the words HEI MAMMA, which of course means Hello mom. Then the writer went on to explain, in colloquial Norwegian, how she never receives any e-mail. The only mail she ever got was the welcome mail from the gmail team. This is why she now sends one to her mother.

I felt quite ashamed that I'd read someone else's private writings, but once I had read it, I knew I had to do something. I couldn't let her think that her mother wouldn't send her an e-mail, not even when her daughter was begging for one. So I had to come forward as the recipient, telling her that I was sorry for reading it, but that I sent her the answer so she wouldn't be waiting for a reply in vain.
written by Mattias
Haha, äntligen har någon kommit på the ultimate spam!
posted by   Philip
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