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My Dear Instruments, pt. 3
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Ljusets dag
förändra livet? Vi erbjuder ...
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Ljusets dag
förändra livet? Vi erbjuder ...
  by luciana

Ljusets dag
lån erbjuda 48 timmar:jurybo...
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23 Feb 09
To Spain
In a few hours, we will go to Spain. Our schedule is quite hectic, and we will cross the peninsula, back and forth in a seemingly erratic manner. Just look at our route:

But according to our hosts, it all makes sense, and we trust them completely.
written by Mattias
Good luck, looks like a long journey.
posted by   Jan Lindholm -83
att du lägger till "we trust them completely" ger vibbar om att du inte är sååå säker.. Men allt går säkert bra, de har fina och snabba tåg i Spanien!
posted by   Jan L 2
and you will burn like 200000 calories!
posted by   k.
Great concert of Cats on Fire in Málaga! So special for me... the lyrics, the atmosphere,the nostalgia... Great artist you Mattias! Sometimes gentle, sometimes passionate, ironic... I talked to you a few words after the concert, i said sorry for the seats, i said that next time you would play for thousands of people and i said i like the way you move on the stage" (so unpredictable) ;)... And then you signed the record a friend had just bought and got down your knees to write "Ana" like Don Quijote... ;) If you come back to the south of Spain i will invite you to have tapas, good wine and to enjoy the Mediterranean. Good Luck. Alfonso
posted by   Alfonso
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