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18 Mar 09
Goes on
From: Nick
Subject: Review

is it any good?

From: Mattias
Subject: Re: Review

Yes, it's very good, but he slams the lyrics of Letters of a Voyage to Sweden! He says it's very elitist and judgemental, and he seems to suggest that I'm sexually inhibited – which I may well be, but that's beside the point. He says it borders on parody, which is actually when we comes the closest to realising that, although the text is written in first person, the elitist is not me. Necessarily. Or I mean, it's fiction, written in first person - can also be found in books... Anyway, refreshing.

Oh, and it uses the same sort of demeaning language – "nössö" and "nynny" etc. But all in all very positive (see the pattern?)


written by Mattias
Hej ho, vet inte om ni sett men Sonics recension av "Our temperence movement" finns uppe på deras hemsida. (Johan Jakobsson - 8/10) Och titeln satt där den skulle. Bara en sån sak! Hoppas ni pallrar er förbi Sthlm snart igen! Cheerio!
posted by   Sean Connery, Hornstull
Jacobsson med "c" om jag får be..! :)
posted by   Johan J
Hej, tack!
posted by   Mattias
den finländska pressen har lyckats igen. Aamulehti döpte om skivan till "Our Temperance Moment" i sin recension. Bara till kännedom
posted by   oski
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