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Hair pomade/wax review
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  by mauro

29 May 09
Deutschland & Fighting Windmills Tour: Madrid
I'm a bit nervous and anxious about our trip to Germany. It's not the trip itself - I've now become quite good at packing my big suitcase, and playing for that matter. No, it's the same old how will it feel, will I panic, will I be able to eat?

Speaking of eating, there's one advantage going to Germany instead of Spain. In Spain, whenever you ate something, you had to share. In principle, I'm not against sharing. Tapas is merely a Spanish version of what's done all over the world - sharing what's on the table. In fact, even we do it at home. I realize that our bourgeois, Western style of dining at a restaurant - separate orders, separate plates - is an anomaly. I can even admit that this way of eating is fundamentally anti-social, a manifestation of extreme individualism. But the problem is that we are so used to it. When the Spaniards sat back and relaxed, nibbling away at the Manchego cheese, the tortillas and whatever fish it was, we Finns sat anxiously calculating, sweating:

... What should I grab next, and when? Will that plate be finished before I get the chance to taste what's on it? Did that guy just take THREE pieces of that vegetarian stuff - that was for us! Order more, you say? Well who'll pay for that then? I don't want to pay for the ham you ordered. The check will be a mess, A MESS! God, look at that, how can you be so relaxed, it's Lord of the Flies in here! ...

I remember thinking that when I got home to Finland, I would go to a restaurant, sit alone in a corner. I would focus on eating everything that's on the plate, thus knowing that I got exactly what I payed for. Oh, how I would enjoy that solitary meal.
written by Mattias
Haha, you're sure you're Finnish and not German? ;-)
posted by   Jörg
This is an enchantingly written little note, I enjoyed myself while reading. I recognize this matter of anti-social eating habits oh so well!
posted by   Hanna
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