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17 Jun 09
Pavlov's schweinehund
Our last concert of the tour was in Münster, and we couldn't have ended it in a better way, I think. There was a good crowd and the place was fantastic, but what I really want to describe is something that happened at the end of the concert. I wanted to thank Goodnight Monsters, with whom we played five gigs on the tour (and with whom we were to do two cover songs as an encore), so I said something like ”give them a big round of applause”, which the audience did. Now, in what probably was some kind of Pavlovian reflex, hearing the applause, I took a bow, forgetting that applause wasn't for me. I realized my mistake and acknowledged it, but the audience was laughing, however kindly, at me, not with me. A Pavlov's schweinehund I was, hogging the applause of others.
written by Mattias
hehe, that was quite funny :-)
posted by   Mikko
haha, det där är så roligt.
posted by   monica
that was an epic moment! :D
posted by   valtteri
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