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Ljusets dag
För din brådskande och allvarl...
  by Carine

I wear a different kind of garment
100.000, 500.000 eller 15000.0...
  by joannon1988

I wear a different kind of garment
100.000, 500.000 eller 15000.0...
  by joannon1988

I wear a different kind of garment
Erbjuder snabb och pålitlig lå...
  by joannon1988

Om att kasta sten
Sono un individuo che concede ...
  by accardi

21 Aug 05
You got it while it was hot
Back from Åbo now. A lot of people left the town this weekend. I hope I can make something decent of this autumn.

News from the kitchen sink tell me that you can now use the mobile phone to pay at the laundry machines. I felt pure joy when I read this in the info letter. I've been forced to open a new account at a different bank just to be able to get a certain type of card which the machines require. So when I washed my clothes, I have had to first transfer money from my primary account to my special account, all this a few days in advance. Then I have had to go to an ATM and transfer money from the special account to the small chip that's mounted on the card. Only then have I been able to wash my clothes. All this has felt like an unnecessarily heavy burden in my daily life. Well, enough of this.

So Ville leaves tomorrow. We didn't get sentimental, we never do. And moreover, we decided to quickly arrange this thing in Gothenburg, so I'll see him then.

Tanja went to London on vacation. It was really fun to just be around her on Saturday. We went to Ristorante Rosso. I've always thought it is an at least medium classy place but God, was I wrong. Okay, so the food is alright. You can choose between a number of wishy-washy (sorry for that expression, friends) Italian dishes that taste fine by our Finnish standards. But the whole ambience of the place; infested by dull, grey people who THOUGHT they went to a fancy restaurant. They took they're kids with them and made them scream. They sat there and said nothing throughout their pasta bolognese, already knowing just what the other person had on his mind. Tanja said “and then there's us“ and I didn't know what she meant.
written by Mattias
vad har du för bank som inte har chip på sina kort? eller har du bankbok ännu som min farmor;)
posted by   cikan
Har Aktia, de har chip, men inte Avanti-funktion. Sådeså.
posted by   Mattias
Kände ni stanken från köket? Okej om stället försöker vara en fin italiensk restaurang och misslyckas totalt, men gud - det kan bara inte vara hälsosamt att äta där.
posted by   Sofia
Stupore! ho una sensibilità molto buona circa il vostro luogo!!!!
posted by   verona
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