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Hair pomade/wax review
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  by mauro

26 Aug 05
Moz makes bad

I'm going to cite a story, or actually on a comment on a story.

“My sister made me a tie with a silkscreen picture of Moz on it. I wore it to a wedding last weekend. Two rude people called me a "loser" and told me that "pop stars aren't the world." Well, I told them that I had just found the two monsters that November must have spawned! They were speechless, and I don't even think they knew what I was talking about!!!“ - Anonymous

Then someone replied “what a lovely story. You wear what you want love!
Don't listen to anyone. Bless you.“

Okay, follow ME now. I will now go on to assert that Morrissey has a tremendously bad influence on many people (and I don't mean that he's got me to use the word ‘tremendously‘). It isn't necessarily his fault.

On the surface, the story above is cute. A young man who gives the finger to the world (although in a very corny way), expressing that he can wear whatever he wants and perhaps that the outside world is so dull that the world of pop culture is the only option. I would certainly be a bit offended if people called me a loser if I wore a Morrissey tie (ha ha) to a wedding. I would not try to offend them by referring to a Morrissey song in such a stupid way, but that's not the point.

The point is, that this attitude, this view on life directly inherited from Morrissey is used by so many people as an excuse to be ignorant, naive and impolite. The story above may or may not be an example of this, but consider the following. Although many claim they were timeless, Morrissey's songs from Thatcher's Britain and the Manchester suburbs were certainly bound to a specific era and specific circumstances or simply Morrissey's life. They were written by him because it was the way felt about his life in the society around him. You can connect to the songs in a number of ways and many people, including myself, do it in a very shameless way. But I think there's a difference between relating to the songs and actually taking the songs out of their context and believing that they are sort of universal.

By identifying yourself with Morrissey, you quite frankly start to see yourself as someone terribly special, someone that must be allowed to act in an unreasonable way, because the outside world, the way “you're supposed to behave“ is crap anyway. I'm not saying that the guy should have chosen a different tie, most certainly not. I'm just saying that being Morrissey-like does not certainly give you any special privileges. And you're not that special anyway. You're probably just a person who happened to listen to Morrissey and caught on. And now you're doing nothing, because why would you smile at people who you'd much rather kick in the eye? But come on, that's so easy. Many fans over at seem to be rude, uninspiring and negative about everything.

And furthermore, I agree with the spawned monsters, pop stars aren't the world. Records aren't, pop culture isn't, music isn't.

And who said I was uptight?
written by Mattias
Mitt i prick.
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underbar text!
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