Artists and bands
Burning Hearts 
Henry's and Jessika's common project
Butcher Boy 
Scottish band
Swedish band
El Perro Del Mar 
Swedish singer/songwriter
Frida Hyv÷nen 
Swedish singer, songwriter and pianist
Iiris Viljanen 
Singer, songwriter and pianist originally from Korsholm, Ostrobothnia
Kissing Mirrors 
Swedish band
Swedish band
Le Futur Pompiste 
Brilliant band originally from Vasa.
Finnish band
The Mare 
Swedish band
Media and blogs
Ny Tid 
Fenno-Swedish leftist paper
One Chord to Another 
Finnish indie site
Labels and other business
Cosy Den 
Swedish indie club and label
Fraction Discs 
Gothenburg label
Johanna Kustannus 
Our record company since Summer 2008.
Marsh-Marigold Records 
Hamburg label