Here you'll find lyrics for the songs we have played.
Most recently added is The Hague

Born Again Christian
Chain of Saints
Crooked Paper Clip
Don't Say It Could Be Worse
Draw in the reins
End of Straight Street
Frida, You Can't Take it Back
Garden Lights
Happiness is Chemistry
Heat and Romance
Higher Grounds
Honey Your Baby
I am the White-mantled King
If You Must Tell Him
Lay Down Your Arms
Letters From a Voyage to Sweden
Mesmer and Reason
My Friend in a Comfortable Chair
Never Land Here
Never Sell the House
Open Skies
Poor Students Dream of Marx
Praying on a Sunny Day
Sharp End of a Season
Something Happened
Tears in Your Cup
The Borders of This Land
The Cold Hands of Great Men
The Hague
The Smell of an Artist
The Steady Pace
The True Nature of an Empty Town
They Produced a Girl
You Will Find Me Where You Left Me
Your Treasure and My Pleasure

Retired, never good or embarrassing:
I recently reviewed these and realised that some of the songs were beyond any reasonable limit of healthy embarrassment. /Mattias