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27 Jan 10
Scandinavian Gigs Upcoming
We will play at the Copehagen Popfest on Sunday the 18th of April. Check out the line-up here:


We will also play in Stockholm (Pluto) on the 16th of April, and Gothenburg (Oceanen) on the 17th. More on this later.
posted by Mattias
04 Jan 10
Mattias solo gig in Malmö
While I cannot announce any Cats on fire concerts at the moment, I can tell you that I will play a solo gig in Malmö, supporting [ingenting] at Debaser on Saturday the 30th of January. Previous solo gigs have been so and so (although the last one here in Gothenburg was decent enough), so I'm nervous already.
posted by Mattias
24 Dec 09
The Hague, digital single available for free
A song called The Hague can be downloaded from here. It's coupled with a demo recording of The Borders of This Land.


The Hague should be seen as a bookend more than anything else.

Cats on fire anno 2009, not your favourite vintage wine. Slightly bitter in taste, now bottled and encased.

The Hague is middle-class guilt.

The Hague is pointless complaining, to make other people's pointless complaining appear less so.

Cats on fire wishes you good luck with that new decade of yours.


Here are the lyrics for it:


Johanna Kustannus and our friends at Cosy Recordings have teamed up for this release. The cover was designed by Karin Ringqvist, who runs Cosy Recordings with Mattias Jansson.

Download link (Cosy Recordings)

The Hague is also featured on the Matinée Recordings collection Matinée Gran Prix. You can buy that collection, and other Matinée releases here.
posted by Mattias
06 Nov 09
Photos by Tage Rönnqvist
Tage Rönnqvist took photos of us during our concert in Helsinki. They came out great, so I'll link to them from here. Go take a look:


Now there's something for a future picture book.
posted by Mattias
19 Oct 09
Lisbon Concert Videos
Here, a bit late, but nonetheless: http://www.centralmusical.pt/watch.php?v=3D10339

Our concert in Lisbon in September. Mixing desk recording (which mean you can't hear the massive WHOOAAAAAAHs from the audiences after each single note).
posted by Mattias
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