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23 Sep 09
Cats on fire at Lost in Music
We're playing at this year's edition of Lost in Music in Tampere. Look here:


We are part of the Johanna Kustannus night, which takes place on Thursday the 22nd of October. The other Johanna artists are Regina and Astrid Swan, which makes it a privilege for us.
posted by Mattias
14 Sep 09
Domain Name Troubles
Due to a mistake on our part, our domain name catsonfire.net does not currently redirect here. Either we pay a hefty bill and get it up and running again immediately, or we reregister it again in a few weeks. The decision hasn't been made yet. We are sorry for any inconvenience our sloppy behaviour may have caused.
posted by Mattias
14 Sep 09
Concerts in Finland
We are going to play a few concerts in Finland in October. There's one that I can't announce yet, but here are the others:

14th of October at Tavastia, Helsinki, with Astrid Swan
23rd of October at Dynamo, Turku
24th of October at Royal, Vaasa
posted by Mattias
21 Aug 09
Rauma Gig Cancelled
We had to cancel the Rauma gig, due to illness. I think it's the first gig we've cancelled for that reason. But it would be idiotic to soldier on and play tomorrow, since Ville seems to have caught a flu. If it's THE flu, I don't know. Wish him well!
posted by Mattias
14 Aug 09
Gigs in Malmö and Linköping
We are playing in Sweden in the beginning of September, namely in Malmö and Linköping.

4th of September: Debaser, Malmö
5th of September: Skylten, Linköping

Nice, yes?
posted by Mattias
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