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11 Aug 09
Portugal gigs and Madrid
In addition to the festival on Isla del Christina, we will also play one gig in Porto and one in Lisbon, as well as one in Madrid. It will be our first ever gigs in Portugal. We are also very excited about our return to Madrid, as our last gig there was among the best ever. So, the whole tour looks like this:

9 Sept: O Meu Mercedes, Porto, Portugal
10 Sept: Cabaret Maxime, Lisbon, Portugal
11 Sept: Southpop Festival, Isla Del Christina, Spain
12 Sept: Neu Club, Madrid, Spain
posted by Mattias
07 Aug 09
Rauma Blue Sea Film Festival [EDIT!]
We are playing at the Rauma Blue Sea Film Festival, which takes places in, you guessed it, Rauma 21st - 23rd of August. UPDATE: We will play on Friday the 21st, at the opening club. For further instructions, look here:

posted by Mattias
04 Aug 09
Tampere gig is w/ Nopat
Nopat is playing with us in Tampere. Listen to them here:

posted by Mattias
28 Jul 09
Cats in Tampere 7.8
We will play in Tampere SOON, the 7th of August. The gig will be at Klubi. More info soon.
posted by Mattias
18 Jul 09
South Pop Isla Cristina Festival, Spain
Hello again,

We will go back to Spain in September, to play at the South Pop Isla Cristina Festival in Huelva, Spain, on the 11th of September.

Check here:


Check back for other dates in Spain/Portugal soon!
posted by Mattias
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