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01 Jul 09
Quietus: The Longest Review Ever
Here's a review written by Neil Kulkarni for The Quietus:


Good, long read!
posted by Mattias
12 Jun 09
Indietracks 2009
Some of you may already know that we are playing at this years huge edition of Indietracks in Derbyshire, UK, on the 24-26th of July. Artists include Teenage Fanclub, Camera Obscura, Emmy the Great, Au Revoir Simone, BMX Bandits, The Frank & Walters, Butcher Boy, Pocketbooks and many (really, many) others. Check here:

posted by Mattias
12 Jun 09
Fin artikel i Ny Tid
Jan Liesaho har skrivit en artikel delvis om Cats on fire för Ny Tid:

posted by Mattias
09 Jun 09
Cats on fire to Milano (Ragnarock)
We will play at the Ragnarock festival in Milano, Italy on the 27th of June. Here's the website:


It's a festival for Nordic culture in Italy. A festival with that name here would almost certainly be a neo-fascist gathering. But we can assure you that this one will not be. Or else, we've been hoodwinked.
posted by Mattias
26 May 09
Germany Above All
On Friday, we are heading to Hamburg for an eight date tour of Germany. We are very excited, especially since something strange has happened there - we've actually been receiving stunning reviews. First, it was the Spiegel online one, which was obviously a very big thing. But that's old news. Now we've gotten reviews in Stern (4 out of 5 stars), another German magazine giant. This is apparently an achievement, since they very rarely write about indie music.

We also got 4/5 in Rolling Stone Germany, 4/5 in Musikexpress and really favourable ones in a few others that don't hand out points.

The CD of the week spot at musikwoche.de is ours.

But the biggest surprise came with the 5/5 review in Financial Times Deutschland! That's a clear sign as any that we've crossed over to the mainstream, isn't it?
posted by Mattias
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