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06 Apr 10
Faraway Cats: Gigs in California, Hong Kong
End of May and beginning of June will be something wild. We will go to California for gigs in Los Angeles and San Fransisco. But not only that, no. In June, we will fly to Hong Kong for a concert. Insanity has struck, arrogance will strike soon.

This is a bit preliminary still, but:

29/5 HungryBeat, Los Angeles, USA
30/5 San Fransisco Popfest, Rickshaw Shop, San Fransisco, USA
12/6 Songs for Children, Hong Kong, China
posted by Mattias
02 Mar 10
Bristol Gig
Yes, the other show I was talking about will be in Bristol, at the Big Pink Cake club on the 13th of March. The place is called The Lanes.

Joining us on the bill is The Kick Inside. Here are more details:


Should be fun!
posted by Mattias
25 Feb 10
London Gig March 12th + more
We will play the Baby Honey Club at the Buffalo Bar in London on March the 12th. Buy tickets here:


As you can see, we will be joined by our Swedish comrades in Twig (where Ville incidentally plays the drums), and Betty and the Werewolves.

There's also another gig, but I have to get back to you with the details.
posted by Mattias
13 Feb 10
Important Pluto Info
Membership is required for the Pluto gig on the 16th of April, as it is on all Pluto nights. But, until the 17th of February, you can become one for free. After that, membership costs 55 kronor, and you can pay it either at the door or through www.p-l-u-t-o.org in advance. But, hurry up and go to


and register. It saves you 55 kronor.

Now, here's the line up for the night, which is well... brought to you, by Cosy Den/Cosy Recordings

TIGER TAPE (http://www.myspace.com/tigertape * Release Concert)
IIRIS VILJANEN (http://www.myspace.com/iirisviljanen)
MOLE SAYS HI (http://www.myspace.com/molesayshi)

Please tell people about the membership thing.
posted by Mattias
08 Feb 10
Gothenburg info
Hello, here's some info regarding the line-up for the Cosy Den Gothenburg gig:

At last, we will share the bill with Tellus About the Moon. Brilliant that is. Thank you for everything, you guys! Here's their myspace site: http://www.myspace.com/tellusaboutthemoon

Johan Hedberg (of Suburban Kids with Biblical Names) will also play. A rare treat, I say!

Iiris (Viljanen, of course) will also play a solo set, which is what she normally does, of course. We are simply tapping into her skills.

Moreover, to gain entrance to this event, you have to send an e-mail with your name to thirdfloorfireescapeview@gmail.com. Cosy Den works that way.
posted by Mattias
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