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26 May 09
Germany Above All
On Friday, we are heading to Hamburg for an eight date tour of Germany. We are very excited, especially since something strange has happened there - we've actually been receiving stunning reviews. First, it was the Spiegel online one, which was obviously a very big thing. But that's old news. Now we've gotten reviews in Stern (4 out of 5 stars), another German magazine giant. This is apparently an achievement, since they very rarely write about indie music.

We also got 4/5 in Rolling Stone Germany, 4/5 in Musikexpress and really favourable ones in a few others that don't hand out points.

The CD of the week spot at musikwoche.de is ours.

But the biggest surprise came with the 5/5 review in Financial Times Deutschland! That's a clear sign as any that we've crossed over to the mainstream, isn't it?
posted by Mattias
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