More to come
We are going to provide some juicier information here soon.

You can read an old, irrelevant, affected, poorly written autobiography here.
Short autobiography
Cats on fire was formed late 2001 in Vasa, Finland. Since 2004, our group consists of Mattias Björkas (vocals, acoustic guitar), Ville Hopponen (electric guitar), Kenneth Höglund (bass guitar) and Henry Ojala (drums).

We are currently based in Turku, Finland. In 2003, we released a vinyl single, Solid Work. In 2004, we released another one, Happiness is Chemistry.

Our first proper CD release came all too late, in summer 2006. This was the EP Draw in the Reins, released on the Swedish label Fraction Discs. Then, in February/March, the German label Marsh-marigold released our debut album The Province Complains.

The following year, we were contacted by the big Finnish independent label Johanna Kustannus. With them, we recorded our second album, Our Temperance Movement. It was released in March 2009.

But frankly, it is a bit old-fashioned to write a musical biography defined by record releases. It's never been quite right to do so, but in these days, it's simply wrong. So why do I do it? Lack of imagination, perhaps. Someone should come up with a format suited for modern music. Would it involve myspace plays?
Press images
On a bridge in Dublin Photo by Jessika Rapo.
On a relatively famous backyard in Hamburg Photo by Jens Zietlow.
At Doo-bop in Vasa Photo by Thomas Ekström.