released in August 2002
The Empty Town Demo
This was our first attempt to get something recorded. The process was very slow. It actually started in late 2001, after our first concert, when Andy Lundström and Marcus Granfors (both in Leopold Delloria) said that they would like to record something with us. We recorded "Praying on a Sunny Day" in the studio at school. There where plans of recordning additional songs, but no one had time for us. That changed when Kenneth's brother Johann declared that he was willing to help us to record some songs. He had a portable studio and we planned to record an additional five songs for a demo CD. Johann was also a busy man, so the recording was done in several short, furious sessions. Although the sound quality is quite poor sometimes, we are very satisfied with the recording as such. The capture and mixing of "They Produced a Girl" is in my opinion excellent. The same recording procedure was used when we recorded the material for the 7'' record "Solid Work". But this demo was recorded without paying too much attention to the quality of the sound of each recorded instrument.

The final demo CD contained five songs. We ditched a version of "He Was Robbed" as it failed to live up to our mountain high standards.

1. Praying on a Sunny Day
2. The True Nature of an Empty Town
3. They Produced A Girl
4. Stars
5. Favourite Sons
You can download this demo in mp3-format in the "Music"-section.. And also, I found some extra sleeves, so if you really want to have a physical copy of the demo, you can order it from us.