released in Early 2007
The Province Complains
Cover design by Johann Höglund

1. I am the White-mantled King
2. Astray
3. Higher Grounds
4. Heat and Romance
5. Born Again Christian
6. The Smell of an Artist
7. Chain of Saints
8. Mesmer and Reason
9. If You Must Tell Him
10. The Sharp End of a Season
11. Draw in the Reins
12. End of Straight Street
Current availability:

USA: Through Indiepages
The record will be distributed
in Germany and the rest of Europe (except Scandinavia and Finland) by Hausmusik/Indigo
in Sweden by Border Music
in Japan by Art Union/Rosemary Records (Apple Crumble store)
in Norway by Granat.
in Finland by Supersounds.

Nordic web buyers will of course also find it on

You can also get it from iTunes Music Store, for example by clicking the link below. Cats On Fire - The Province Complains