2nd November in Rågsved

Photo: Arild Vågen

Photo: Arild Vågen

Hello. Ville and I are playing as a duo at the Queerplats Stockholm event on the 2nd of November. The event is to be held at Studio 124 in Rågsved. The Portland band Lovers will also play.

Queerplats is a group of people whose long-term goal is creating a permanent 24h “safe space” for queer people in the Stockholm area.

The best way to get there is to take the Green line to Rågsved and head to the right after the exit and right again onto Rågsvedsvägen. Go straight through the roundabout and then turn left on Garphyttegränd. The address is Garphyttegränd 2.

Cats on Fire Tour d’Italia 2013

garibaldi3Ciao a tutti! We will tour in Italy in December. These are the affected cities and venues:

04/12 ROMA, Unplugged In Monti – Blackmarket
05/12 NAPOLI, Lanificio
06/12 PADOVA, La Mela di Newton
07/12 MILANO, Pop Days – Ligera
08/12 CARPI, Mattatoio

We are extremely happy to get on the road again. And, what’s even better, we could get on any old road, because, as you know, all roads lead to…

Cats on Fire have some history in Italy. Our first ever concert outside the Nordic countries was in fact in Modena, Italy. That went a bit wrong, for everybody involved. All of us arrived in Modena having paid extra fees at the airport, a routine which I consider naming the Old RyanAir Tango. Then we found out that the festival venue had been closed down by the police. The organizers manage to move the festival to a different venue, but what they didn’t manage was regulating the alcohol consumption among the Scandi artists that were supposed to play. They just put the liquor bottles on a table, out in the open! Surely they must know you can’t just do it like that. We were definitely not among the worst participants in the bacchanalia that included vomiting, falling behind toilets, ambulance personnel. Scandinavian people are easy to deal with, as long as you hide the bottles, for Christ’s sake. The organizers just shook their heads and said they thought the behaviour was strange and disrespectful. Yes, but you brought it on yourselves.

Soliti Roadshow + Jakobstad!

Mid-winter Finland is ALWAYS a pleasure, so we’ve ensured a fine little round trip in January. We’ll play shows in Helsinki and Turku as parts of the Soliti Roadshow 2013. In addition to that, we’ll also travel to Jakobstad for a show for which I’ll put my grandmother on the guest list.

soliti-roadshow2Like this:

16.01. Soliti Roadshow, Tavastia, Helsinki (+ Astrid Swan, Delay Trees, Big Wave Riders & Black Twig Dj’s) https://www.facebook.com/events/506886259343945/
18.01. Musikcafé After Eight, Pietarsaari/Jakobstad
19.01. Soliti Roadshow, Dynamo, Turku (+ The New Tigers & Nick Triani Dj)


Additional Spain Show: Manresa

Here’s the details for the recently confirmed show in Manresa, Catalonia the 4th of December:


You can find the whole tour programme here.

Cats on Fire Tour Spain and Portugal

We may have touched upon this topic earlier, but here’s the story. We are going to play several gigs in Spain and one in Portugal from November 30th to December 8th. Yes, that could be called, and should be called, a tour. This tour includes three Primavera Club dates. There’s one gig still left to be announced, but I can tell you this much:

30 NOV OVIEDO at La antigua estación Club – 9.30 pm
1 DEC VIGO at Sala Mondo – 9 pm
2 DEC GUIMARÄES (Primavera Club Festival)
4 DEC MANRESA at El Vermell – 9 pm
5 DEC GARRIGUELLA (Girona) @ Sala Sindicat. 22.30 hrs.
6 DEC BARCELONA  (Primavera Club. Mercat de Les Flors)
7 DEC ZARAGOZA at La lata de Bombillas – 9 pm
8 DEC MADRID (Primavera Club. Matadero Madrid, Nave de Terneras)

Updated 22 nov with the Girona venue change.