Cats on Fire Tour Spain and Portugal

We may have touched upon this topic earlier, but here’s the story. We are going to play several gigs in Spain and one in Portugal from November 30th to December 8th. Yes, that could be called, and should be called, a tour. This tour includes three Primavera Club dates. There’s one gig still left to be announced, but I can tell you this much:

30 NOV OVIEDO at La antigua estación Club – 9.30 pm
1 DEC VIGO at Sala Mondo – 9 pm
2 DEC GUIMARÄES (Primavera Club Festival)
4 DEC MANRESA at El Vermell – 9 pm
5 DEC GARRIGUELLA (Girona) @ Sala Sindicat. 22.30 hrs.
6 DEC BARCELONA  (Primavera Club. Mercat de Les Flors)
7 DEC ZARAGOZA at La lata de Bombillas – 9 pm
8 DEC MADRID (Primavera Club. Matadero Madrid, Nave de Terneras)

Updated 22 nov with the Girona venue change.

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