New Recordings and Such



Hi all of you, and especially all the truly faithful ones among you,

We’ve just started recording again. Ville and I spent a few days in a small chapel in a remote village in Northern Sweden. We didn’t do it because we were desperate for extra-ordinary amounts of peace and quiet, but simply because it made logistical sense this time. It is not often it makes logistical sense to go up here to do recordings, but this time it did, and the sweet deal included peace and quiet as a bonus. Even God was strangely absent, and we sneaked in unnoticed.

We are not quite ready to reveal our plans yet, but this time, as opposed to all the other times we’ve done something, we think that the speed of the process will surprise you. All of a sudden, unexpected news will reach you, and you will not quite know what to do with all the information.

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