Old Artefacts #1: Group Photo Anno 2002

A couple of years ago, the old family computer was done away with after just standing there doing nothing for too long. A DVD backup, containing my files, was burned by my father and subsequently ignored by me. Thus, I won’t call this a glorious discovery, but I’m still a bit intrigued, just because the files are rather ancient by modern standards. This, for example, is a group photo from 2002, used on our first demo cover. It’s taken in Vasa, outside of Keltsu, which is where we essentially formed. It was our rehearsal space, but also our first concert venue. I don’t know how bands go about in Vasa today, when Keltsu no longer exist.


Photo taken by Johann Höglund.

So, from the left: Kenneth, Johan Ekström (Burning Hearts), Mattias and Kim Huikarinen.

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