Mattias in English

After some years of what could be seen as simple negligence, I’ve decided that I am going to take a more structured approach to writing online. Since 2004, I’ve been keeping a sort of a diary on the Cats on fire website. Right from the beginning, I’ve refused to call it a blog, and the word still makes me cringe after all these years, but I really can’t see why one couldn’t call it just that if one felt the need to. Anyway, I started writing in Swedish, then gradually moved to English and then back to Swedish again. The entries during the past few years haven’t really found their proper home on this website, sporadically and awkwardly appearing between the more official news announcements. Therefore, I am now furnishing a home for the diary entries here on the website. The home is constructed simply by giving the blog, oh FUCK!, a name, Mattias in English, which is then used to tag the entries. Furthermore, all entries are placed exclusively on the diary page of this side, the news items appearing on the front page as well as under the news section. The language will be English, since I want maximum reach for my efforts. Let’s see if it works out.


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